The Beauty or the Beast

“She knows she’s a winner,

She couldn’t be thinner;

Now she goes in the bathroom,

and vomits up dinner.”

All the emphasis on beauty today could be dangerous. The girl is very pretty, and your first reaction is “Oh! What a happy teenager!”¬†but maybe that’s not the whole story. Maybe, that prettiness comes with a price.

— Daria, Season 02 Episode 01:¬†Arts ‘n’ Crass


See, that’s one of the flaw of this fucked up system. Thinking girls, should only be pretty if and only if she has the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect nose, the perfect eyebrows, the perfect lip, the perfect face-shape, the perfect skin-tone; basically a real-life barbie having 22-inches waistline and a height not lower than 5″. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK. All of these people are sick douches! Hey, news flash: the world isn’t all about physical aspect so suck up on your standards and judgments, pricks! It’s making me so damn mad, how I came to notice all of these girls who struggle and sacrifice so much just to attain and maintain the so called “beauty” that the society is telling us. I hate to see these girls, skipping dinner in order to avoid gaining weight because they’d be ugly; these girls suffering from make-up obsession just because society tells them they’re ugly without it; but come to think of it, why do the men and the guys doesn’t even have to wear make-up or go to the salon or everything that the girls try so hard to do?! Well I guess that’s because society aren’t telling them that they look ugly and that they look shitty without ’em! See?? This system is so fucking flawed I can’t even grasp the thought of it being fixed and equal and just.

I guess people should just stop saying harsh and hurtful words especially to women because we all know that women are sensitive as fuck. And girls. stop being mean to each other! Stop calling each other a bitch, a slut, a whore, etc. because it just makes things worse it’s making your spiritual and emotional aspect so unhealthy. You know?