Ultimate Guide on “How not to be a douchebag”

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Be Like Bill

So, how can we make social media wonderful?

  1. You like to travel anywhere, but don’t check in every place you go.
  2. You are in a relationship and you upload pictures with the one you love, but don’t tag them under #RelationshipGoals.
  3. You’re very athletic. You run every day to improve your health, but don’t upload pictures of the travel distance to social networks.
  4. You belong to specific religion, but don’t hate other people who are not from your religion, or atheists. You’re not stupid.
  5. You saw a hot person on Facebook, but don’t send a message because you don’t know them.
  6. You have lots of money. You should not showoff by buying expensive things and posting pictures of it.
  7. You are a fan of an athlete, but you don’t need to argue who is better. Just appreciate greatness.
  8. You see an offensive post, yet you keep scrolling because you’re smart.
  9. You are about to eat. You are just going to eat instead of taking pictures and post it all over Instagram.
  10. You have a good camera, yet you don’t take useless pictures and call yourself a photographer.
  11. You don’t take advantage of people’s misfortune by saying “1 like = 1 prayer.” You know “likes” won’t heal anyone.
  12. You are in a relationship, yet you don’t post love stuff all the time.
  13. You are a Mac user. You don’t brag about it, and you don’t hate Windows users.
  14. You see a homeless man. You buy some food and a blanket for the homeless man, yet you don’t post the picture of the homeless man on Facebook.
  15. If you have a problem with friends or family members, you don’t post it to Facebook to get a bunch of drama started. You personally confront that person.
  16. You see someone upload an attractive photo. You like the photo, but you don’t comment some creepy stuff.
  17. You recently broke up, yet you don’t post about your ex being a slut.
  18. You’re an atheist, yet you don’t think your friends are stupid and you don’t think you have the right to insult them. You just ignore and kindly try to change the conversations.
  19. You are playing games in Facebook. Despite of this, you don’t send thousands of notification to all of your friends.
  20. You often go to gym so you can be in good shape. You train instead of posting selfies “No Pain, No Gain” or “Work Hard” because you know nobody wants to follow your training.

Bill needs to chill, Bill is too savage. Learn from Bill.

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